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Secure from the start

Built-in security features simplify device provisioning and the on-boarding process. Additional features include end-to-end security over TLS 1.2 and optionally, the persistence of a user's interactions with a device as a tamper-proof, immutable audit trail.
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Be part of the OCF Network

Being guarantees an interoperability with other certified OCF devices, applications and cloud instances. We will support you with built-in linking to other OCF Cloud instances in a secure way, enabling strategic partnerships with other vendors.
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Available on your cloud

No vendor lock-in. This is a cloud native solution, deployable in any region on your preferred cloud provider. Allowing for easy integration with your current system and opening up possibilities to build a completely new cloud based application around your instance.
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Get straight to work

Make use of the provided tools and SDKs for an easy start on both the device and application side. Sign up for a free tier to start small and scale up over time. With the pay-as-you-go service, you can easily reduce capital expenditures and maintenance costs on your IoT projects.

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