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One ecosystem, many vertical uses

Healthcare, smart cities, agriculture and other sectors are all facing the same problems. provides building blocks for secure interoperability, allowing vertical markets to reach their connectivity goals in a scalable way.
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Work smarter, not harder

We should avoid creating more fragmentation, where everyone is solving the same set of problems in a different way. Be to unlock the full interoperable potential of a growing IoT network in a secured way.
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Speaking the same languages

No matter who your device or service wants to communicate with: A fridge, a patient’s health tracker or a city light. It's possible today, using Open Connectivity Foundation’s open IoT standard — a common communication standard everyone can join.
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Your world, your boundaries

Being part of the network does not mean being open to everyone. Operation of a city, factory or a hospital requires interoperability, but behind closed doors. You are the owner of your world, you define your boundaries.

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